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 Ghost Ranch, New Mexico 


Where can I see more of your art and prices?

I occasionally show art locally and an Etsy shop is in the works, but your best bet is checking @CBDartstudio

where most of my latest pieces are pictured with descriptions and prices.



Do you do commission works?

To this I must answer "no".   I do , however, garner inspiration from beautiful landscapes, well composed scenes, and funny pet photographs I come across in instagram posts I follow.  I call these "insta-spirations" and I always attribute such inspired works to the photographer.  So you never know if you follow me @CBDartstudio I may follow you back and get insta-spired!

What inspires your work?

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  It comes at all times of the day and night.  I paint and create what touches my heart and what resonates inside me.  Even I'm not sure from where the next idea comes.

Is all of your art that is for sale original or do you have prints available?

On occasion I have prints produced of pieces I don't want to sell and sometimes I have prints made of a particular series of paintings which I sell as a set of  cards or small prints.  Contact me if you see something marked sold.  I may have prints available.

Are your paintings ready to display?

Sometimes "yes" and sometimes "no".  Just ask if it is not in the description. 

If I see something I like, how can I make it mine?

Contact me!  I sell works locally and am attempting to get an Etsy shop going but the best thing to do is email me and have that conversation directly.

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