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        I'm a Norfolk, Virginia native who's happily transplanted to Richmond, VA. 

        Art is not my background but creating has always been a part of my make-up.  I remember as a 5 year old sitting under my Mom's sewing table turning a shoebox and yarn into a long-handled purse. Again at 5, I 'borrowed' my daddy's hand drill to make more holes in my new pegboard table.  (Definitely not a smart move)  I've always loved making stuff---forts, costumes, macrame, paper flowers, blanket chests, clothes---but never with paint because I thought I could not draw.

       Painting became a PASSION just a few short years ago after I was gifted a 5-day course in pastels.   What was my husband thinking? Reluctantly I attended 'most' of the classes offered during those 5 days ... (my husband LOVES to tell the tale of why and when I played hooky).  I returned from that trip to 'art camp' and rarely a day passes when I do not draw or paint.   Go figure!

Welcome to my studio.  Feel free to look around.


Choose a palette', 'get confident' & make art,

Carlton B. Dietz
(artist, painter, designer)
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