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~taking liberties with renowned masterpieces to create fun designs

All the Boof-Ink designs are inspired by the masterpieces of
Edvard Munch, Roy Lichtenstein, Edgar Degas and Andy Warhol. 

Each design is hand-carved into linoleum block and silk-screened onto T-shirts and totebags.


"The seeds for what became Boof-Ink were sown one sunny September morning
on the Youghiogheny River as I stood on the Ohiopyle Falls observation deck and
watched my young son in a moving line of kayakers inch his way to the top of the 20 foot drop.   
As he boofed over the edge, Edvard Munch's masterpiece The Scream flashed through my head. 

Both he and I survived...
He, to go over 5 more times and I, to return home and carve The Fall."   
~C B Dietz
*See what we are up to currently on our Instagram @boof_ink

yough falls 9.26.06 007.jpg


Designs and Merchandise
(T-shirts, totebags, prints, notecards)
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