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holiday 2020

While I stay home and paint you can find my artwork here & around Richmond, Va.  Shop small, shop locally at Stuff, Decorum, and  Nest.

December 2020

100% of the profits from purchases of #FlowersinaJar notecards goes to local NPOs assisting during the pandemic.

Winter 2021

Where is CDBartstudio popping up?

Shoot me a quick email to find out & follow along on instagram to see what's new.

spring '21

24/7 you can contact for info on where to find us now and next.


Wait for it.


Wait for it.


Wait for it...

Flowersinajar .2 notecard back (4).jpg

 Notecards are $16 

To purchase /Contact me 

Venmo is preferred.  Paypal also accepted.

Cash or check.  

Flowersinajar .1 notecard back (2).jpg
Flowersinajar .2 notecard back (2).jpg

Visit my instagram @CBDartstudio to see how the #FlowersinaJar painting project came to be a neighborhood #FlowersinaJarRVA project bringing happiness to Northside Richmond and beyond.

Original series




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